Transforming the way entrepreneurs work, think and grow

We invest in the talent, capabilities, and innovation required to create breakthrough business results. We deliver solutions that focus on fundamental issues to help our clients develop and implement sustainable strategies, improve operations and grow their businesses. We can help you develop the types of client-centric journeys that generate additional growth by leveraging our extensive understanding of analytics, creativity, technology, and strategy.

Delivering meaningful impact

we partner with clients to drive results!

The pace of our evolving society is mind-boggling and unlocking the power of your brand has never been harder. At Oltre, we believe that experience drives behavior and all experiences must be designed.

To be truly effective, we design our strategies using the latest advances in technology in order to produce a connection at an emotional level for your clients, create change and deliver a real impact for your business.

Work smart, not harder

transforming the way entrepreneurs work, think and grow

Oltre is a group of entrepreneurs and business-minded partners who are aiming to revolutionize the way businesses operate. Our team consists of experts from multiple fields, who have also been in your shoes a few times before.

As an entrepreneur from a young age, the number one difficulty I’ve found has been having the right resources and manpower to accomplish my business goals. So my goal has been to provide fellow entrepreneurs with the resources they need to transform their visions into real reality.

Since 2011 I’ve managed, worked with, and partnered with fellow entrepreneurs to help them with their businesses’ goals as well as many freelance contracts, project-based jobs, collaborations, and joint ventures.

If you’re a startup, seasoned entrepreneur, or an agency looking to grow in the most important fields such as sales & marketing, management consulting, market research, data mining & processing, brand strategy, website development, digital asset creation, etc… my team is here for you 24/7.

Tell us your story and let’s create something magnificent…TOGETHER!


– Salvatore Rubino 

Consider us an extension of your team


When someone quits or isn’t a fit, and you cannot control your project personnel, you can count on us to be there. We’re autonomous, yet we’re the consistent partner you need and can depend on.





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our italian partners

we offer our services all around the world!

Our consultants are best in class, offering services all over the world, reaching talent in every corner, but providing the same unified service to both our partners & clients. With a team of over 20+ partners collaborating and offering their professional with distinct expertise, we are able to offer our clients every ingredient needed for their success. We partner with offices all around the world, for more information on our partner visit our Italian website.