Pentagon Partners


Financial Services, Venture Capital



Branding, Logo Design, Packaging, Web Design

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Pentagon Partners is an investment firm that seeks to keep their brand up to date, without neglecting the traditionality and trust that every investment firm must pass on to their partners. When we asked them “why Pentagon partners” their reply was “Our primary objective is to safeguard our partner’s investments and keep true to our vision, the pentagon is one of the most effective forms of defense, since all five points can be equidistant from every point.”

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The challenge was to create a communication standard that could translate their firm’s vision of a trustworthy partner without losing their truly refined investment structure. We dared to transform their previous branding into a new design that moves away from conventional standards, without losing their original elegant identity. Keeping true to the original gold and navy blue colors, we applied a sober gold that contrasts with the subtle and elegant shades of blue.

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Pentagon Partners found themselves with a brand identity that they can finally wear proudly. A new brand guide to follow, a stylish landing page and brand new marketing items made communicating a whole lot easier!

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