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The Mercury Hotel is a wonderfully curated family owned 4 star hotel off the coast of Greece. The CEO Sebastian Rami was satisfied with his establishment but wanted more, he didn’t know what, but he was sure he needed an extra spice. He had invested heavily on his services to offer the best quality experiences for his guests and thought it was time to bump up his prices.

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After a one on one we came to the conclusion that he had already done a great job organizing his hotel and had done an amazing job decorating and renovating the structure…but…it didn’t feel ‘luxury or high quality’. They had overlooked the most important ingredient, their brand identity! They were using a generic logo, amateur photos, no personalized gadgets and very hard to look at brochures. Oltre to the rescue! We help organized The Mercury Hotel’s goals and prospects to find the best suitable creative direction. Having done a virtual tour of the hotel we couldn’t help but take inspiration from all of the Moroccan furniture and architecture that gave the guests a breath of pure beauty.

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The Mercury Hotel is now booking with and increased rate of 140% and best of all at rates 30% higher! Not only thanks to a transformed brand image with stunning professional photos but a whole new guest experience filled with marketing gadgets worthy of souvenirs! Sebastian was in the process of opening up another hotel and is still going strong to this day.

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