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Branding, Logo Design, Marketing Services, Web Design

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OB / GYN Center is an obstetrics / gynecology center and medical training facility offering a wide range of training and refresher courses. By combining state-of-the-art equipment, flexible training facilities and a variety of meeting spaces, the Center has become an ideal facility for the most up-to-date medical training courses.

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Business and marketing consultancy

– Study of the competition and client

– Study and planning for pupil management, teachers and newsletters

– Design of documents, brochures and online Ad

Modernization of the digital presence

We focused on designing a modern, fluid and easily accessible website from any device. With its clean design and intuitive functions, the OB / GYN Center site combines design and functionality to deliver an unforgettable experience.

User friendly

Our engineering team has been able to provide a prestigious back-end platform for their team, while meeting user needs through a well-crafted front-end user experience. Our CMS has enabled robust content management capabilities across multiple content types, including events, team members, rooms, services, facilities, medical training materials, news and more. Our CMS also offers built-in multilingual support to allow website translation into 3 different languages.

Corporate identity and custom icons

We have curated and customized their online advertising, their brochures and even their icons thus making the experience unique for all users.

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A sustainable, fluid and overall user-friendly online experience was created for everyone through a portal that permitted every activity to be interlaced and cooperative.

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