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Advertising, Branding, Logo Design, Market Research, Packaging, Social Media Marketing

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Established in the 1970s, Vinnie’s Pizzeria & Restaurant, located in New Jersey, serves one of the best Italian pizzas and dishes in the area. Vinnie’s has transformed its “take away” facility into a “fast dine” themed service. Maintaining the taste of the quality of a refined cuisine with the innovation of a modern fast food / take away service.

Vinnie’s was moving and wanted to transform its very “eighties Italian pizzeria” brand with a more “modern, clean and simple” look with a marketing plan to acquire new customers in the area and raise awareness of this new ‘fine dine’ or service from take away without losing the quality of typical Italian cuisine.

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The approach

– Design and printing of customized articles and packages

– One-Page design and guide for branding

Business and marketing consultancy

– Study of the competition and client

– Design and print vouchers and coupons for our 3 step promo to acquire customer loyalty

Image modernization

We took their image and drastically transformed it in a more modern, simple and clean direction.

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Since the new ‘3 step’ look and plan was released in early November 2019, Vinnie’s has recorded the following results (November – December 2018 vs 2019):

– 190% Customer retention

– 250% increase in social traffic

– 230% increase in takeaway orders

– Average monthly ROI 15% since the ‘3 step’ plan was applied

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