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Branding, Logo Design, Market Research, Marketing Services, Packaging

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Carlo Morano is an insurance broker with more than 15 years of experience behind him. Having mostly loyal customers already and having established a stable foundation he wanted to move to the next level, not only acquiring new customers but drastically lowering the percentage of customer defection and increase customer retention.

Intent on evolving not only his brand but his approach, Carlo contacted us to create a new strategy, a visual identity and above all a market and customer research.

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Re-Design of his overal brand image

We took his old brand and refined it, leading it in a more modern, simple and clean direction.

Customer retention

For the consumer profile that an insurance broker has, a humanistic and personal approach is the most difficult to achieve. Carlo already cared a lot about his customers and acquired many of his customers through word of mouth because of this, so we took this already existing love of his and took it to the next level with a campaign not only of birthday cards but also personalized envelopes where he’ll be able to insert his letters of affection to his customers.

Lead generation

For his advertising campaign, since we wanted to maintain a less digital and more personal approach, we designed and curated various themed objects that his customers will certainly use and help Carlo to gain visibility.

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A powerful Visual Identity

A new Logo, Brand Guidlines and Brand Story were able to transform his customer experience demonstrating not only Carlo Morano’s experience but his caring and charismatic personality that was at the cor of his success.

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