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Radio station 91.6 Bop Radio’s CEO, Mark Kasimsky, possessed a modern and visionary mission for his station, “To transform the radio network into a contemporary and relevant multimedia company”.

His dream was to unite the entire team – sales, programming, marketing, promotions and management – and empower each member with the skills to master digital, mobile, social, search, SMS, video content marketing and database marketing.

Kasimsky wanted each of his new media consultants to have the ability to provide measurable return on investment on omni-channel platforms for the radio station’s direct corporate customers. This strategy would position the station to regain revenue that was moving into the digital marketplace and elevate the knowledge base and relevance of all station employees.

More partners here is the main goal!

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The approach

– Change the outdated branding

– Create corporate-wide cultural change that includes new market platforms bound by the station leadership vision and executed by all departments within the station

– Enlist all levels of management and staffing in a training program that establishes a limitless digital environment for collaboration and co-creation. Business and marketing consultancy

– Intensive, hands-on, Omni-Channel training in digital, mobile, social, search, SMS, video content and database marketing. Exploring and devising all the monetary opportunities available on these platforms demonstrating relevance to their brand and business.

Branding / Logo design

We have taken their outdated and obsolete brand idendentity and drastically transformed it by leading it in a more effective, upbeat and modern visual direction.

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The entire team of 91.6 Bop Radio has committed to a renewed Omni-channel strategy together and has mobilized their efforts to offer greater competitive value to their partners to generate more revenue.

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