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One of the best-tasting and growing agribusiness brands in the state needed an efficient, robust, and engaging re-brand and e-commerce platform to enhance their brand position and scale digital revenue. An opportunity to focus the brand’s look and feel,

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Bringing BellOlive into the future of the olive oil industry involved careful planning on our end. Our goal wasn’t to revolutionize such a culturally rich company story but to pick and choose the best aspects of the ‘old country & modern world’ in order to design a user experience that everyone can love!

The rebrand

We fell in love with the brand’s story and felt like incorporating the first olive oil terracotta vases, that they have proudly in expo for all to see, into their logo was a must.

The website

Yes the product presentation is a very important part for the user’s experience, but when you have a story enriched with such history and expertise you can’t leave it out. We concentrated on give the user a ‘fingers in the dirt’ experience capturing every nook and cranny of their process and how it has evolved over the years.

03 –


BellOlive was nominated the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the reaction to their new packaging left us absolutely dumbfounded! In every package they found a little pamphlet with the work and story of that particular product that they chose, and they LOVED THIS! In the first 6 months they saw a 100% revenue increase and a 500% increase in user engagement.

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