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Logo Design, Branding, Marketing Services, Packaging, Social Media Marketing

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After spending 4 months with Alpha helping develop a retail and brand strategy, Oltre’s next step was to find new opportunities to bring out its brand. Although Alpha has long been committed to the environmentally safe and top quality ingredients, its efforts have not paid off.

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The approach

– Offer buyers a $ 5 coupon for old empty products traded

– For each new purchase, customers were encouraged to donate any sum for charity and would later then be compensated with a very reasonable discount on their next purchase. This initiative not only made it easier for Alpha to keep an elevated customer retention, but buyers were also motivated by a sense of responsibility, rather than monetary incentives

Business and marketing consultancy

– We recruited a renamed local influencer for her Daily Beauty Routine videos as an Alpha brand ambassador for an integrated campaign. It included TV, print and digital media with a particular emphasis on environmental awareness and the importance of donating for greater causes.

Brand care / Logo redesign

– Transformation of the image taking into account nature’s beautiful and ageless textures

– We took their image and drastically transformed it while keeping the ‘dark elegant’ theme loved by the founders.

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First 6 months:

– 50 thousand items shipped

– 35 thousand dollar fund raised and donated

– 150 collaborators recruited nationwide

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