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Doctor Reinold is an award-winning physical therapist, clinician, researcher, author, and consultant to professional baseball athletes and teams. With an existing presence on social networks and a dated website, the main objective of the project was to develop a website to unite his community, facilitate his fans to interact with him and have all his contents within the reach of a click.

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To implement the project we decided to develop a landing page. This web resource is created on the principle of “one page, one sentence, one target action”, which is fully consistent with the main objectives of the project.

Properly formatted landing page should guide the visitor to:

– keep browsing the main site

– learn more about the services offered

– browse the blog and subscribe to the newsletter

– connect all your social networks in a single portal

– makes it easier for your customers to book an appointment

Creating a one-page website that solves such problems became our goal for Doctor Reinold. During the initial phase of the work, we have traditionally studied in detail the project specifications in order to subsequently develop unique marketing and advertising solutions.

One-Page to generate leads

The project was developed with the following process:

Collecting business intelligence. Market research based on the most comprehensive information on Doctor Reinold and his competitors. Immersion in the specifics of the services offered and the existing social community. Highlight the uniqueness of the Doctor, the training and the accumulated curriculum.

Design training landing page concept. Based on the data obtained during the first phase, we create our vision of the project. We are working on a global strategic proposal.

Design – visual and technical solutions, the logic of the layout of the single page of the site in accordance with the UI / UX principles, the general strategy of the project and the various links to the main site and the various social communities.

Develop the website. We implement the developed solutions, create a mobile version of the website, perform SEO optimization and detailed tests.

Check web resources for errors. General reconciliation of the project on performance indicators.


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Since the new website and landing page was published in September 2019, Mikereinold.com has recorded the following results (September – October 2018 vs 2019):

– 270% newsletter increase

– 120% increase in social traffic

– 70% increase in online appointments

– Average monthly ROI 13% since the marketing plan was applied

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